Future of Work Conference - Madrid

Written on Thursday, 21 June 2018

From one to the next! We’re currently finishing up a Global FS Tax Leaders event in Paris whilst simultaneously preparing for a Future of Work Conference in Madrid!

The Future of Work Conference will be held at The Westin Palace, a gorgeous, modern hotel renowned for its large events space and capacity. There will be 24 Cypher Media crew on site to set up and manage the event. We will be catering for over 200 delegates during the 3-day-long conference.

The main room will host a 4-meter high twin screen set, along with 4 3m high x 1.5m wide free-standing LED columns.

Over the course of this week we’ve been busy preparing our kit for a Financial Services Conference being held in Paris, and a Future of Work Conference that will take place shortly after in Madrid.

The Financial Services Conference is being held at the Westin Paris. This will be a 3-day event and over 20 crew will be used from rig to de-rig.

The main room will have a huge 48ft 3:12 aspect ratio screen, the same width as the whole room. The two 12ft side screens can link to the main screen, or be used as individual screens with seamless switching.

With two conferences in two weeks, it's going to be a hectic fortnight for most of the crew! 

Filming Interviews in London

Written on Friday, 08 June 2018

We only had a small room, with no windows, so we had to be clever about how we set up our shot. We used one of our Dedolights and gobo projector attachment to create a window blind shadow on the wall behind the subject. Coupled with our easily portable LED lights, this created a studio like environment in the small space.

We used our Sony FS7 with 50mm Samyang lens so that we could be fairly close to the subject whilst also allowing us to throw the background out of focus.

Several years ago this would not have been possible with the kit we used to have but now we have much greater flexibility.

Cypher's New Gimbal!

Written on Thursday, 31 May 2018

We’ve treated our self to some new kit at the Cypher Media office! The Zhiyun Crane Handheld Gimbal has been added to our arsenal of equipment.

This gimbal is excellent due to its easy to use one-handed operation and compact design. It can be used to create cinematic video by eliminating camera shakiness, making the video as smooth as silk!

We plan on using this piece of tech to get some stunning general videos, or GVs, for use in our opening and closing videos.

Filming in Madrid

Written on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

After a successful International Tax & Legal conference in Prague, we jetted off to Madrid shortly after for a small two-day shoot at the Melia Castilla, Madrid.

We set up a rig in the conference room consisting of a Sony PMW EX-330 and a Sony PXW-Z150.

Less than two weeks later we were back at the Melia Castilla providing AV equipment and support, as well as onsite editing, branding set & stage building, sound, lighting and much more for an Indirect Taxes Conference. 

Packed and Ready!

Written on Thursday, 19 April 2018

All of our kit has been collected from the Cypher Media office for next week’s International Tax Academy being held at The Hilton, Prague. We have a fairly large crew of 26 covering the 6 days we’re working on site.

The main room will have a 16ft, 16:9 ratio centralised screen with two 14ft 16:9 screens either side, the set has been designed so that it can be used as one complete room, as well as three separate rooms if need be.

We return to the Cypher office Monday 30th April and get straight into preparing for the next conference, being held at the Melia Castilla Hotel, Madrid in mid-July. 

All Backed Up

Written on Thursday, 12 April 2018

To follow the rules of our information security policy, ISO 27001, and to ensure we are GDPR compliant, we keep our client's files backed up and secure here at Cypher Media.

It is critical that we keep regular backups of our projects, such as video editing files and website backups in fireproof safes both onsite at our office and offsite. This enables us to access and restore data efficiently.

Multilingual Registration Website

Written on Friday, 06 April 2018

Dharmesh is currently making changes to one of our clients' registration websites. We’ll be working in Tokyo, Japan later in the year so the registration website must be multi-lingual; accessible in both English and Japanese. 

Front-end users will be presented with a number of language options when they hit the landing page. On this page, the user can choose the preferred language and carry on with rest of the website as normal.

Preparation for Charlotte, USA

Written on Wednesday, 28 March 2018

In preparation for our upcoming Management Conference being hosted in Charlotte, USA, we’ve been busy in the Cypher office getting all of our kit out to create a detailed carnet list containing all of our sound and video equipment, and other miscellaneous items such as green screens and batteries.

The list includes item names, serial numbers and the location of the item. Carnets are mandatory for the temporary importation of equipment into the US; they also allow you to get through customs without paying duties and import taxes on equipment that will be re-exported within 12 months.

We’ll be flying over to the US early next month to provide AV equipment and support.

The Bigger, the Better!

Written on Friday, 16 March 2018

We felt it’s about time we upgraded our banner printer. Sadly, Canon are discontinuing the inks for our current printer, the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF6400, which has worked fantastically for the past 10 years, however, this gave us an excuse to purchase one of its successors, the Canon ImagePROGRAF iPF8400SE. This new banner printer is much larger, coming in at 189.3 (W) x 97.1 (D) x 114.4 (H) cm.

It allows us to print banners wider than before, with a size up to 110cm wide. It also comes with a 250GB hard drive and the ability to store more than twice the amount of ink as its predecessor.

Let's get printing!