International Tax & Legal Academy, Dublin

International Tax & Legal Academy, Dublin

The team were in Dublin, Ireland for the first Global Tax Symposium of the year. Check out what we had in store for us on this huge event!

 Coming straight off the back of the Global Independence Conference in Madrid, the team were straight back out to Dublin for the first of three Global Tax Symposiums this year. 

The Main Room

The main room was designed with flexibility in mind for this event. It needed to be easily broken apart into three separate rooms, and then rejoined into one large set seamlessly. Each piece of the set came with an impressive 12ft high by 40ft wide backdrop fit with a 12ft 16:9 ratio rear-projected screen. Each screen was flanked with client-branded lightboxes which brought the set together. Our centre stage was an impressive 10m wide by 3m deep. Each set on either side was fitted with an 8m x 2m deep set, all with steps built in. When the main room wasn't in use as a whole, each section had the correct kit and lighting equipment to work as an independent large breakout room. 


Large Breakouts

Each of our 3 designated large breakouts came equipped with a 24ft x 8ft printed backdrop set, a branded lectern and two flanking 75" plasmas to be used as side screens. Each large breakout was fit with an adequate 4 speaker PA system, microphones and flood lights for presenters. 

Small/Medium Breakouts

For small breakouts (1-10 participants) we provide powered speakers, a webcam on a stand, a laptop & a clicker. This ensures the small breakouts can be completely self-sufficient for both hybrid & in person meetings. We accounted for 3 medium breakout rooms in Dublin. Each medium breakout was equipped with floodlights, a PA system, video switchers & a technician to ensure a smooth session.