Diabetes UK Exhibition AV & livestream

Diabetes UK Exhibition AV & livestream

Earlier this month the team set out to Liverpool to provide AV & livestreaming at the Exhibition Centre Liverpool for the annual Diabetes UK event. 

We had an exciting opportunity working in the same venue Eurovision 2023 was to be hosted just a week later.

the Cypher team provided on-stand AV support which included x2 massive 98" vertical screens rolling videos, x1 86" screen for presentations and also x2 65" landscape screens, one for rolling videos and one to be used for an interactive touch-screen game. We also fit a digital audio desk fit with Nexo PS8 speakers and 30 silent seminar headsets to drown out any external noise from surrounding booths. The team also bolstered the kit with a 20x20 SDI matrix and controller, this allowed us to instantaneously change whatever the screens were displaying, we used this by putting on a short and eye-catching 5-minute countdown timer before a booth talk was to begin. 

The client requested the booth talks to be live-streamed to external viewers, we did this by fitting a remote-controller HD PTZ camera and taking an audio feed from the presenters, this was fed into a laptop behind the scenes and streamed to an external application.