Thomas gains some new skills

Thomas gains some new skills

The month of July at the Cypher Media offices has seen Thomas join us on a job shadowing placement. Thomas has joined us from a local school and is very interested in exploring a career in the media industry once he leaves school.

Day one saw Thomas take some time to learn about Cypher Media and all about the events and conferences we manage and produce for our clients, as well getting an insight into the video production, web development and virtual events services we offer. Then after a tour of Cypher HQ and an introduction to the rest of the Cypher Media team, we were off to the edit suite where we gave Thomas an overview of our post production workflows and processes.

These days, if you’re a teenager, a YouTube channel is simply a must have and Thomas is no different, meaning he’s already quite a capable editor in his own right. Although he was unfamiliar with Final Cut Pro, after learning the basics we set him the task of editing a ‘Welcome to Barcelona’ video that may be used at one of our upcoming events. The task meant that Thomas could help us with our workload and bring a new perspective, while at the same time enable him to gain an insight into a new editing system, working with brand guidelines and client briefs all within a company structure.

On day two Thomas learnt about the live streaming and virtual events that we offer and how COVID-19 changed the way we work. We were due to perform some routine maintenance and checks to our live streaming set up so this provided an opportunity to take Thomas through how we deliver virtual events for clients. Later in the day Thomas was taken through some of the more administrative and pre production elements that we need to do in order to deliver events for our clients.

Thomas’ final day saw him assist us with a check of our video equipment as well as helping us to conduct some tests on our Sony 4K cameras and prime lenses. The test was an important one for us and helped us to ensure that we were delivering the best possible quality to our clients while streamlining our workflow to make it as efficient as possible.

It’s been a pleasure to have Thomas with us and wish him all the best in his education and for the future. As you can see from the photo he’s now all kitted out with his Cypher Media gear, who knows hopefully we’ll see Thomas back at Cypher Media again one day.