Video testimonials for ISO QSL / EvoEnergy

We have recently completed filming and editing a series of testimonial videos for ISO Quality Services Ltd.

These videos will be distributed through ISO QSL over the coming months so look out for them.

Here is the latest video featuring EvoEnergy Ltd.

Globetrotter Adrian

Adrian is going to spend more time in the air than a parrot. He's off to Doha on Saturday, back for a couple of days, then off to Rome, back for a couple of days, then off to Spain, back for a couple of days, then off to Madrid, back for a couple of days, then back to Rome, back for a couple of days, then off to Ho Chi Minh City!!! When he looks like his passport photo, it’ll be time to go home.

Goodbye Sam!

We are sad to say goodbye to Sam. He has a fantastic opportunity to pursue his passion for photography by working for Tom Hoops ( in Bangkok. He's got armfuls of injections and leaves next week. Good luck Sam - we'll miss you.

Our new site

Our new website - which is this one you're looking at right now - was launched at the beginning of October.

If you've visited our website before, you will see it is hugely different to what we had previously. Web technology is advancing all the time, so we've tried to incorporate a few new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and responsive functionalities.

Audio recording in Milan

Chris loaded himself up like a packhorse and ventured off to Milan to do some audio recording.

Madrid site visit

Madrid site visit

Brian and Adrian were in Madrid earlier this week on a site visit at The Westin Palace Hotel. We are in the planning stages of a Tax Directors' conference to be held in November.

Financial Services Tax Leaders meeting

This meeting was held at the  Fairmont St Andrews Hotel  and was attended by 220 tax specialists from around the world. The weather was kind and many attendees enjoyed the famous golf courses. Alistair Darling was the keynote speaker.

2013 - Roundup

2013 has been a busy year so far!  Highlights include -

  • Financial Services conference in Abu Dhabi
  • Video shoots for Brintons
  • Low & Bonar management conference in Noordwijk, Netherlands
  • Shoots in Paris, Dusseldorf and London for Coats
  • Shoots in Munich, Zurich, Madrid and London for PwC
  • Transfer Pricing conference at the Thistle Hotel, Marble Arch
  • Coats management conference in Greensboro, Georgia USA
  • Financial Services Tax Leaders Conference in St Andrews, Scotland
  • Green screen shoots for Feefo and PwC

Brintons Campaign for Wool video

We recently completed a video for Brintons, filmed at Somerset House in London, for the Campaign for Wool. Cristian Zuzunaga was commissioned by the Campaign for Wool to design a runner for the corridor at Somerset House.

Video for Coats PLC

We filmed on site in the Coats Board Room, where the Chief Executive gave a report on a promising financial year for Coats PLC .
See link below:

More new kit

We have invested in a new Autocue System this month. This is such a benefit when filming interviews or pieces to camera. It really helps clients to communicate complex subject matter confidently and professionally. It takes all the stress out of filming with no need to memorise lines.

PwC Conference in Abu Dhabi

Director Adrian Worrall travelled to Abu Dhabi with his team to produce an ME L & E Conference for PwC at the Intercontinental Hotel. As well as the stage and set design and build, we managed all the Audio Visuals and filmed on-site video footage of the event.

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