Five things about online video you should know

On average a website visitor will stay two minutes longer on a site when they watch a video (comscore)

Let’s face it we’ve all done it, you’re looking for a something online, you google it, you click on the first link. You have a quick skim through but the information you want isn’t readily available, so you click the back button and it’s onto the next link. If you can put all that information upfront in a video on the home page of your website, people will be more likely to hang around. Simply put, it means they can sit back and watch, rather than having to read paragraph after paragraph of text. You could expand on this by having video feature on each page of your website or by using it to showcase the finer points of your company or products.

Berlin Recce

Adrian's was off jet setting again this week, he's just got back from Berlin after a recce for another conference we're organising very soon. 

Tax Academy - Rome

The last week in November saw us at the Rome Marriott Park Hotel. With over 700 attendees, this event was a logistical challenge - but that's what we like!

Vietnam recce

Adrian is in Ho Chi Minh City this week to recce the Intercontinental Asiona Saigon Hotel for a management conference in 2014.

Good luck - chúc may m?n!

Testimonial Video for ISO QSL/Cypher Media

We have been delighted to work with ISO QSL both on achieving our ISO27001 standard and more recently their testimonial videos.

Video Testimonials are a great way to promote your business while gaining valuable feedback on your service from your clients. Check out our own testimonial below:

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Global Tax Symposium, Madrid

Twenty of us were in Madrid from 5 to 8 November staging the Global Tax Symposium 2013.

We designed, built, staged, video recorded and managed like mad things. It was a complex event with live 'news' reports and a variety of expert and inspirational presenters.

Coats UK Management Conference 2013

This year’s UK Conference was held at The Grove in Hertfordshire.

The day comprised a high level meeting followed by a dinner with entertainment and awards.

Cypher Media provided the set, stage and full AV support throughout the day and evening.

Frazer Smith, Coats Chief Commercial Officer said “From my point of view you and the team were professional as always and made everything “easy” for us".

Video testimonials for ISO QSL / EvoEnergy

We have recently completed filming and editing a series of testimonial videos for ISO Quality Services Ltd.

These videos will be distributed through ISO QSL over the coming months so look out for them.

Here is the latest video featuring EvoEnergy Ltd.

Globetrotter Adrian

Adrian is going to spend more time in the air than a parrot. He's off to Doha on Saturday, back for a couple of days, then off to Rome, back for a couple of days, then off to Spain, back for a couple of days, then off to Madrid, back for a couple of days, then back to Rome, back for a couple of days, then off to Ho Chi Minh City!!! When he looks like his passport photo, it’ll be time to go home.

Goodbye Sam!

We are sad to say goodbye to Sam. He has a fantastic opportunity to pursue his passion for photography by working for Tom Hoops ( in Bangkok. He's got armfuls of injections and leaves next week. Good luck Sam - we'll miss you.

Our new site

Our new website - which is this one you're looking at right now - was launched at the beginning of October.

If you've visited our website before, you will see it is hugely different to what we had previously. Web technology is advancing all the time, so we've tried to incorporate a few new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and responsive functionalities.

Audio recording in Milan

Chris loaded himself up like a packhorse and ventured off to Milan to do some audio recording.