Cypher Media's Timetable System Update!

Since July of 2017 we’ve been working very hard on a programme that has been tried and tested throughout the duration of this, and last year. Cypher Media’s POD, or Programmable Onsite Display, is a real-time timetable system used for creating and managing event schedules. 

The bespoke timetable was developed using NodeJS, SocketIO and MySQL. The main purpose of this project was to just create a timetable for delegates that could be easily updated from one device, meaning we don’t have to manually update every laptop.

In version 2.0 the system was extended so that videos would automatically play when given a time, the system also allowed us to upload multiple videos per session. Session highlighting was also implemented, when a session is in progress, the name and time grey out.

On our current version, 3.0, a new screen layout was added to give us more flexibility; having the ability to create both landscape and portrait timetables allowed us to branch out from laptops and plasma screens into ASUS Chromebits and standing LCD signs.