What's Next?

After a jam-packed few months with jobs in Rome, Madrid, Charlotte, Paris, Prague and London, we've now got some time in the office to prepare for jobs later on in the year. 

We'll be sorting out all of our equipment soon for our yearly PAT testing. This is to assure that it is safe enough to work with and does not breach the health and safety guidelines.

Next up: updating of our asset list; it’s good to keep on top of what we have, this gives us the ability to rule out any equipment we no longer use so that we can put it up for sale and purchase newer, state of the art equipment. Our asset list also makes creating job carnets easier, as it contains the item name, serial number and location allowing us to get through customs much easier.

Finally, we’ll be doing some general kit labelling, numbering our cases will make it easier to load the trucks by simply giving the numbers of the flight cases we need for those jobs.