International Tax & Legal Academy, Copenhagen

International Tax & Legal Academy, Copenhagen

We’re all set for Copenhagen in just over two weeks’ time!

At the end of March, a huge crew of 29 will be flying, or driving, out to The Tivoli Hotel in Copenhagen, we’ll be there providing set & stage, AV and general tech support across the 5-day-long International Tax & Legal Academy.  

For the main room, we’re making the most of it for sure. We’ll be using black draping for the backdrop broken up with two 7m x 3m branded columns along with two 1.2m x 1.2m branded light boxes on either column. The stage will be 10m x 3m x 300mm and have branding printed on the audience-facing side. We’ll be using state of the art projection, with a 30k Panasonic data projector for the main screen, and x2 20k Christie data projectors for the side screens for gorgeous looking, crisp projection. At the back of the main room in both the left- and right-hand corner will be two soundproof breakout rooms that our crew will be constructing from scratch, they’ll both contain a 6-way microphone system, 4 speaker PA system, lectern and 75” monitors.

The main foyer is a really nice place to show off your branding to delegates, we’ll be doing this by using sleek window peel on vinyl’s, and a 3m x 1.75m LED wall with a personalised infographic video being looped, this being changeable to the client’s preferences. The foyer area will also allow us to boast our gorgeous timetable system that you can read more about here. The Cypher Media POD will be shown to guide and direct delegates to their sessions on x4 7ft brand-wrapped plasma pods with 55” screens, and x4 55” digital signage totems.

We’re looking forward to providing our services to ensure a smooth event proceeds. Feel free to contact us to discuss any of your events needs.