Are you Keeping up to Date with Website Trends?

Are you Keeping up to Date with Website Trends?

New year, new website! We all know that it’s important to keep our websites updated, but WHY exactly is that? Well, updating your website regularly plays a crucial part in your growth as your SEO ranking depends on it. When you update your website regularly the crawlers that visit it report the activity to the search engine, this then determines where you place on the SEO ranking list. And of course, you want to make a good impression; a fresh, up to date website does the trick as it’s always good to stay ahead of the competition. An outdated website with broken links and a worn look is almost guaranteed to drive potential clients away.


Here at Cypher Media we love keeping our website looking as modern and clean as possible, that’s why we’re currently redesigning it for the third year in a row! After hours of website meetings and analysing the current trends, work has begun on the first draft. It’s all about finding a nice midpoint between a clean and SEO friendly design.

We’ve talked about potential designs and features and have decided on a few new features to be added. A parallax slider, also known as the parallax effect, is a gorgeous modern slider design that we’re looking to implement, you can find an example of it here, click through and scroll down to see the effect. We’ll be working on both the front and backend of our website to eliminate bugs and make the whole process a lot smoother by doing things like adding a variety of quick-link buttons to the homepage of our CMS allowing for quicker updates.

We have designed many different websites in the past, including registration websites, resource material platforms and our very own POD. Registration websites are extremely popular with our clients as they help avoid confusion and save lots of time when managing delegates at an event, we also recently created a registration website for an event being held in Tokyo, Japan; the website was the first multilingual registration website we had tried, and it worked perfectly! HealthScience Live would be an exciting example of a resource material platform that we have worked on in the past, HealthScience Live; allows our client to share and track medical conference materials online.

Cypher Media’s very own POD, or Programmable Onsite Display, is a project we’ve been working on since July of 2017. This bespoke website serves as a real-time multi-display timetable system that we use on most of our events to display and manage the conference timetables. The main purpose of this project was to create a timetable for delegates that could be displayed on various screens throughout a venue with updates being easily made from one mobile device, meaning we don’t have to manually update every screen. However, through the versions we have given it more features to make it more relevant and useable on events, such as being able to add video content that automatically displays at a pre-set time.

We’re always looking for new challenges to take on, if you have a website, or WebApp idea in mind don’t hesitate to email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You can also take a look at this gorgeous community health centres website we recently created Nuffield Health Medical Centre.