You've been framed!

You've been framed!

You’ve been framed!

We’re flying out to Barcelona in late April to provide AV support and general technical assistance at a Global Management Conference. 

This one is a bit different however! Our clients have hired out the ZUU Live dinner experience & night club and we’ll be replacing over 40 picture frames on their wall with appropriate branding for the night!


After we recce’d the venue and got the measurements of the frames and recently took a trip to IKEA to stock up!

For this management conference we’ll be taking along our trusty tech – our magic mirror, which is a one-way glass mirror fit with a DSLR & lighting for the pictures, along with almost instantaneous printing. The mirror lets you follow on-screen instructions meaning it can be left unmanned. On top of this is our highly accoladed and bespoke POD timetable system that will run on x2 55” totems placed around the conference space.

Our main set will reach 16ft spanning 72ft wide, with a centralized 16:9 front projection screen supported by 7ft panels running under it while being flanked either side with graphic panel wrap for branding. Our crew of 15 will be running the conference and rig from 29th April – 3rd May.

We look forward to tackling this conference!