What did you miss?

What did you miss?

That's 5 months down, 7 to go! We've had a fun first half of the year here at Cypher Media with jobs in Barcelona, Copenhagen, Dublin, London and Charlotte! 

Last week we tackled two jobs in London and Barcelona, both with happy clients, you can read more about the successful Barcelona here

Chris had travelled down to London to direct a Deals Conference and provide effective live-streaming to global viewers. We also provided AV equipment and assistance along with set and stage building. 

The next few weeks should be exciting for the Cypher crew as we have a Financial Services Tax Leaders Meeting Conference being held in the gorgeous city of Amsterdam, with a fairly large crew of 22 flying out there to work our magic and make the event run smoothly by providing A/V equipment, set & staging and session directors. 

Adrian and Jake have their fully certified 2-day-long PAT testing course soon which will render them fully qualified to PAT test equipment in and out of the office. You can read more about what PAT testing is, the rules and regulations around it, and why it's so important here.