What are we up to this year?

What are we up to this year?

We're in for a busy year here at Cypher Media. 

Kicking it all off is a recce to Copenhagen, Denmark, to take a look at the next venue to host the EMEA International Tax & Legal conference.

Recce is short for reconnaissance, which basically means we visit the venue before the event is held in there to assure it has all the features we require including access to goods lifts, sound, lighting and space.

Following up the recce is the 5-day-long EMEA International Tax Academy being hosted in The Tivoli Hotel, Copenhagen. Shortly after that, we’re flying to sunny Spain for a Global Leadership Conference being held in the capital of Catalonia, Barcelona! We’re looking forward to these upcoming events as we’ll also be using it as time to experiment with the new kit and things we’ve never tried before such as our Zhiyun Crane Handheld Gimbal. The Zhiyun Gimbal is a motorized 3-axis handheld stabilizer and we haven’t had very much time to fully grip it, but we also believe we could get some beautiful moving shots for general videos, potentially to be used in opening/closing videos for future events! The next few jobs will also give us more time to play around with our brand-new Sony XDCAM PXW-FS5 that we took along to Dublin.

On many of the events we work on we’re able to provide all set, staging, AV equipment and support and breakout support. If you’d like to see other services and technologies we can provide feel free to read this short article we recently wrote! If you’d like to chat to us about potentially running a conference/event through us, don’t hesitate to contact us here!