We're ISO 14001 recertified!

We're ISO 14001 recertified!

We kicked the new year off by getting recertified in our ISO 14001:2015 qualification. This certification revolves all about environmental management systems and enhancing an organisations environmental performance.

What is the purpose of ISO 14001:2015?

"The purpose of this International Standard is to provide organizations with a framework to protect the environment and respond to changing environmental conditions in balance with socio-economic needs." This framework allows us to minimise our environmental carbon footprint, thus becoming a cleaner, greener business. 

Why ISO 14001:2015?

Being certified in ISO 14001 is a great look for a company, it shows we are taking effective measures to reduce our carbon footprint whilst maintaining the same high-quality services we always have! Also, for some organisations it can be a dealbreaker if a potential supplier is not ISO 14001 certified. Here at Cypher Media, we’re still working towards being a completely carbon neutral organisation. We’re doing this by reducing our single-use resources& opting for more environmentally friendly ways to travel; taking trains instead of flying when viable etc… We’re also looking into a carbon balancing subscription, where our employees carbon footprint is neutralised by our contributions going to clean energy from windfarms, farm power & landfill gas capture.