Video, it's what we do!

Video, it's what we do!

Stuart has been busy the past few weeks creating and providing video animations to our clients for upcoming events. We're also currently preparing a welcome to Washington video for a conference next year, the video is to be played at the end of an event in Tokyo as a teaser for what's to come in the following year.

The brief from the client was to take last years next year in Washington video and add animated elements to show not only the global side of the conference but also show the transition from last years event (Tokyo) to this year’s event. We animated a globe in the brand style and colours of our client and transitioned into a map of the world showing an animated plane travelling from Tokyo to Washington DC. As we were using last years videos which was edited to the Washington Post march, we had to source music for the extra animated elements at the beginning. We found a military drum progression that built to the moment the plane lands in Washington. Meaning the music still worked with the edit.

Since last years video was edited the client had updated their brand guidelines. We gave the videos text, graphics and colour scheme an update and added in some modern animated elements to tie everything together.

We were also asked to produce an annual review for one of our clients. This video involved filming a down the lens talking head and we also used our teleprompter as it was a complicated script. Working from our clients brief we produced a number of animated elements to highlight facts, figures and stats along with large sections of text and highlight videos from conferences throughout the year.

All the time we ensured we stayed on brand using approved, fonts, graphics and colours while putting a fresh spin on everything. We used Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5 to produce our videos.

Our editors are able to provide a wide variety of animation styles to suit your needs, from motion graphics to 3D animation. Motion graphics are especially popular with our clients as they can be changed to fit brand guidelines when creating infographics as an example. Infographics are an extremely useful way of communicating and informing people as they make a lasting impression whilst keeping the audience heavily engaged.

Here at Cypher Media we can be as flexible as necessary to suit your needs, working with clients worldwide, we understand that it's not always possible to meet up face to face and discuss projects, but our experienced team are capable of turning your ideas into reality.