Meeting / Conference registration websites

Meeting / Conference registration websites

Our in-house, bespoke conference registration websites can be customised to suit your event requirements.


We have continued to build upon our registration content management system to add new features our client has asked for, and we strongly believe it is an asset to any large scale event where you need to collect attendee information, such as course selections, accommodation information and dietary requirements.

Features include:

  • Attendee registration with an unlimited amount of input fields and a wide range of field types.
  • The registration form can be updated as many times as required up to the registration cut-off date.
  • Confirmation and notification emails to the attendee and the conference administrator.
  • Easily export selected registration data to Excel files to help with your rooming lists and conference administration.
  • Pre and post registration content pages that can be easily updated by you through the content management system.

Contact us for a demo of what the system can offer.