March update

March update

March is a busy month for planning and preparation for upcoming events.

Our first recce of March will be at the Hilton, Prague; a centrally-located business hotel minutes away from the heart of the Czech capital.


We're working in this hotel a total of three times this year for the same client, so the key is to make each event look different whilst keeping within our client's brand.

Following this, we will be travelling to Madrid to look at two venues, each to be used for different events this year. The Westin Palace and the Melia Castilla. Both very different hotels, that each need to be used for two very technology-focused events. The challenge will be how to transform two traditional hotels in to modern event spaces for our clients.

Finally, we have recently completed a site visit to the Ballantyne Hotel. in Charlotte, North Carolina. We'll be working with the hotel AV company but taking a handful of our team from the UK to manage this annual event and keep the same level of quality and consistency our client is used to.