Management Conference, Jakarta 2024

Management Conference, Jakarta 2024

While half of the Cypher team was stationed in Tokyo, Japan, the other half jetted off to Jakarta, Indonesia, to provide AV assistance at this year's Management Conference.

Set and Stage

The set for this event boasted an impressive 17m wide by 4.8m tall, with three fixed 16:9 screens. each screen was rigged with the ability to sync up or perform separate tasks. The stage, measuring 10m wide by 2m deep, was carpeted and adorned with a branded client logo lectern.

Audio & Video

Following the client's requests, we provided a digital audio desk equipped with an impressive 12-way radio microphone system. This system consisted of 10 tie clip microphones and 2 handheld microphones for Q&A sessions. For video, we supplied three 16:9 LED screens, complemented by a matrix switcher for seamless transitions between slides, clocks, and other content. Additionally, two 43" speaker reference monitors were provided, enabling the presenter to access their speaker notes and presentations while on stage.

Overall, our AV setup ensured a smooth and professional experience for attendees at the Management Conference in both Tokyo and Jakarta.