London Global Transfer Pricing Conference 2017

London Global Transfer Pricing Conference 2017

This year’s Global Transfer Pricing Conference was held at the London Hilton Metropole; renowned for its huge meeting space, it catered for over 1100 delegates from the 7th – 13th of November across the 6 day Transfer Pricing Conference.


With a moderate crew of 23, we got set on getting the event up and running. The main stage featured a twin screened backdrop that was approximately 80ft wide and 14ft high with twin 16:9 format 14ft screens. The set was created to be multifunctional as the room was to be split into two separate rooms for two different sessions and then back again into one large room.

The set was able to be split and set back up to be used as two standalone sets when the walls had been divided within a short 30 minute period. We frequently do this on events for our clients.

The whole Cypher crew provided AV equipment and support, as well as onsite editing, branding set & stage building, sound, lighting and much more.

We also provided AV support at the Natural History Museum during the conference. Find out more here.