Investors Forum & Venture Capital Forum live streams

Investors Forum & Venture Capital Forum live streams

Following our previous post regarding our global livestreaming, just 4 days later the Cypher team took on two separate events from the same client spanning 1.5 days each, with an overlap in the middle. Take a look at how we tackled this... 

5 months ago a new client approached us in hopes of running their first ever live virtual forums. 5 months later we delivered. 3 days of livestreaming with pre-records, live Q&A and all live sessions were completed during this period. Our client had scheduled an investors forum, followed by a venture capital forum. The events were a great success pulling in over 360 unique viewers throughout. 


For the weeks leading up to the event, we set up virtual meetings with speakers one by one in order to pre-record any presentations that did not need to be delivered live. Pre-records act as a great buffer to allow anybody participating in the next session to prepare to go live. It also gives us chance behind the scenes to get our speakers in the Zoom, Google Meet or WebEx calls. On top of this, it gives us time to adjust our speakers’ camera positions and optimise their audio.

Live Q&A

Following each presentation was a live Q&A. We always recommend that the live streams have a ‘ask a question’ function where viewers can pose questions that can be answered live. The is always a great tool to boost audience & speaker engagement. For this event, we used Slido, integrated on to the virtual meeting platform.

Produced Zoom, Meet & WebEx Calls

We’re all used to video calls now as over the last 8 months people all around the globe have spent time familiarising themselves with video conferencing and call platforms - which makes our job easier! As part of our live stream service anything being streamed out via Zoom, Google Meet or WebEx is live produced and branded to the point where viewers would never have any idea that you were on these platforms.

If you need any assistance or have any queries about setting up your next live stream, don't hesitate to contact the team and arrange a call. We can answer any questions you may have and walk you through what happens behind the scenes at a live event.