Interviews for your Organisation

Interviews for your Organisation

You may or may not know this – but our skillset varies far wider than just conferences. Why not take a look at the other video production-related services we can provide for your business…


Why should you film interviews?

Filming your interviews can be beneficial to your organisation in more ways than you may think – Pre-conference interviews are great as potential delegates have a taster of what’s to come in their sessions, collecting the right footage is a key component when it comes to getting more people to register for your events. On-top of this, pre-conference opening videos are also an excellent way to get your delegates excited for what's to come. 


In the last 18 months, we’ve been able to compartmentalise the majority of our interview kit into a 23kg hard case that gives us no troubles when we’re flying to different destinations to film. This is due to the help of tech changing and upgrading every day, a big factor in making this possible was the release of our much-used SWIT LED Flexi-Panels which roll up into small cylindrical tubes. If you follow our articles, you’d know that we’ve also recently upgraded our teleprompter kit, the new 10” set-up is just 1/4 of the size & weight of its predecessor – every little helps!


After your videos, leave it to us! Our specialists will cater and manipulate your interviews to fit your needs. Commonly we use Final Cut Pro X along with a few Adobe products, not only giving us the ability to make sharp edits but also create stunning motion graphics & animations if needs be. When it comes to post-production we're highly experienced in a vast majority of projects including corporate training videos, scripted videos & internal communications and corporate interviews - but we're always free to talk about any other ideas you may have in mind. 


Any questions? Give us a shout!