International Tax, Legal & Workforce Academy, Noordwijk 2024

International Tax, Legal & Workforce Academy, Noordwijk 2024

The team were recently in Noordwijk, Netherlands, providing AV assistance at the first International Tax, Legal & Workforce of the year. Take a look at what we got up to! 

We're pleased to have assisted at this huge event that spanned 3 hotels, 5 days and over 450 delegates. The selected venues included The Grand Hotel Huis Ter Duin, The Van der Valk Palace Hotel and The Alexander Hotel, all of which were handily within a few minutes walking distance of each other. 

The Huis Ter Duin Grand Hotel

This hotel boasts an impressive 1052 sq.m of meeting space across 19 rooms and was used as the 'hub' hotel for the duration of the conference.

The main room had been designed in such a way that allowed it to be utilised as one complete space for cross-networking as well as three standalone spaces for the training and breakout sessions taking place throughout the week. As a whole, the set spanned an impressive 38m. Each section was fitted with a 16' x 9' Stumpfl projection screen lit by a 12000 lumen projector armed with short-throw lenses to free up some space backstage. Each section was also equipped with 2 branded lightboxes, totaling 6 across the whole set. When split into three separate sets, they worked out to be 10m, 18m, and 10m wide respectively. Each section was rigged to work harmoniously when together or as a standalone from its own AV desk situated at the rear of the room.



Van der Valk Palace Hotel 

The Van der Valk Palace Hotel is the second largest of the three hotels we used this week. Three meeting rooms were created here, two of which were brought to life after being fitted with a 10m x 3.5m branded backdrop armed with a 3.2m wide screen, a full PA system and a 3m x 2m stage. We had two 75" LCD screens on stands and a PA system placed in the final room. 


Alexander Hotel

Last but not least, the Alexander Hotel! For the smallest of the three hotels, we had a medium-size room with low ceilings to work with, this ruled out any se/stage. Instead we took advantage of the hotels 3 80" screens and wheeled in our own AV kit which included any switchers, kit that was required for virtual dial ins, and of course, a PA system.