Workin' 9-5 (from home): How we are embracing the challenges of communicating during the COVID-19 crisis

Workin' 9-5 (from home): How we are embracing the challenges of communicating during the COVID-19 crisis

Along with many other companies, we have taken the decision to work from home until further notice. How are we embracing these challenges?

Working remotely has always been a key element to our business. For many years we have had the infrastructure in place to work out of the office, whether this be onsite at an event anywhere in the world, or at home in the UK. We achieve this in several ways:

In general

  • Mobile phones and tablet devices enable us to stay in constant communication with our clients.
  • All of our employees have laptop computers that can easily be transported.
  • All of our emails are cloud-based and can be accessed from anywhere we can get an internet connection (or a connection through a tethered mobile data service).
  • Importantly, our company server is accessible from outside of our office through secure cloud file storage and continuous synchronisation.

Video Production services

We have several portable edit suites, enabling our editors to create and edit videos 'on the move'. All of our video projects are stored on portable drives and backed up offsite.


One of the great ways to communicate to your audience is through animation. We can create an animated video entirely without face-to-face interaction as we would not to film any footage. Animated videos do not need to be time consuming or complicated. We have a huge range of plugins and software available to create a video that is branded and meets your needs. As all of our edit suites are portable, we can continue to work with you on these whilst we are not in the office.


We frequently create websites for our clients and often the entire process from start-to-finish is managed remotely via email, telephone calls and online-meetings. Our servers are all managed in the cloud, which means we do not have to have physical access to servers and systems to get these set up.


e-Leaning is a great way to continue educational interaction with your clients without physical engagement. We have a range of experience in creating e-learning modules for our clients using popular software such as Articulate which is fully SCORM compliant.

Event production

Whilst our clients have postponed events, this does not necessarily mean that pre-production for these has stopped entirely. Because of our ability to easily collaborate remotely with clients through shared drives, online-meetings and email communication, we can ensure that the planning and pre-production of these events is still going ahead as usual.