Home sweet home!

Home sweet home!

After a non-stop couple of weeks, we're pleased to announce we're all settled into the new office; feel free to send us office-warming gifts ;) The team have been back and forth the past few weeks moving things from the old to the new place, but it's finally all paid off! A few things here and there need changing, but it's nothing we can't handle!

We're now just adding the last few touches to make this office more homely! The bathroom to kitchen renovation is well underway, we've been getting our hands dirty ripping out walls and flooring to make room for the new and improved kitchen; we've had electricity installed, kitchen designs approved, all that's left is a trip to Ikea!

With lot's more space for kit storage, we're now able to group our equipment in a way that doesn't require us to turn the place upside down preparing for jobs, it's all in one corner ready for collection making for a nice and easy load day for us!

There have been a few setbacks along the way, mainly due to delays from our internet providers and contractors, but morale is high and we've got everything we need to work effectively. We're looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us at Cypher Media. 

The action kicks back off next month - Jake will be flying to Amsterdam to film some interviews for a future conference so keep your eyes peeled for that!