Global Tax Symposium, Paris

Global Tax Symposium, Paris

If you follow us on social media, you know we’ve had a busy couple of weeks in three countries - Amsterdam, Paris and Madrid. We’ve been regularly putting out updates based on what we’ve been up to every few days, so take a look at our LinkedIn page for more info. This article gives an insight in to the event in Paris.

This event was a Global Tax Symposium being hosted in The Westin Paris - Vendôme. Over 350 delegates attended this event across a 2-day-period. Our team of 28 built a huge 48ft 3:2 ratio screen which was supported by 8ft panels, you can see our initial design & then the finished build below.



The main room

Salon Concorde has its own built-in projection area allowing us to maximise the floor space with a central 3:2 ratio screen made up of a two-projector blend. Multi-projector edge blending is a technique we used to create a single image from multiple projectors, the blending allows us to play and create stunning super-wide videos, like the ones we used to open and close the conference. The closing video (that we filmed and edited onsite) is used to create a recap of everything that had happened during the week.

We also used some of our client's branding on the base of the set, as well as across the balconies that ran down either side of the room.

Virtual reality

For this event, we had the opportunity to showcase our VR capabilities by running a VR session which allowed delegates to play around with our Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headsets. The Rift is a PC Tethered headset with the ability to link up handheld devices for a more immersive and interactive experience. We had delegates come along for cheese & wine tasting with the opportunity to jump into virtual reality and see what the hype was about! We also had 4 geometric branded backgrounds printed to be put in each corner of the room. This also helped brand the space throughout the week when delegates would use the same room for lunches and dinners.



All of our kit was sent from the UK on two 45ft artic trucks. After the event, one track travelled back to the UK and the other onwards to Madrid. You can read more about our job in Madrid in a future article.