Cypher's newest pieces of kit we're excited to try out!

Cypher's newest pieces of kit we're excited to try out!

We’re looking forward to using much of our newly purchased kit that we’re yet to fully try out this year. We purchased a gorgeous Sony XDCAM PXW-FS5 last month and after taking it along to one job, we’re already in love.

The crisp 4k lightweight camera has already proven to be a stunning piece of robust and versatile kit. With Sony’s a-mount it offers unrivalled compatibility with all lenses, DSLR included. 

The FS5’s super 35 size sensor offers a gorgeous ‘bokeh’ effect, bokeh is the aesthetic quality of blur created by the out-of-focus parts of an image which is made possible by the shallowness of your camera and lenses depth of field.

We’re also excited to try out a brand-new piece of kit we recently purchased, our Paralinx Ace Wireless HDMI Receiver. This excellent piece of kit gives us the ability to wirelessly stream a video feed up to 100 meters away, which makes it perfect for when cables cannot be used. The Paralinx Ace can send uncompressed HD video signals up to 1080p60 and each transmitter can multicast to up to 4 receivers, making this an excellent solution for professional videographers.

We’ve spoken a few times about our Zhiyun Crane 3-axis Handheld Gimbal Stabiliser, however we’re still yet to be given the opportunity to get our moneys worth out of it. On top of Zhiyun will be our Sony DSC-RX10M3 DSLR camera. With the ability to shoot in crisp 4k and an anti-distortion shutter it makes an extremely reliable camera for shooting in conference halls.