Cypher POD turns 2!

Cypher POD turns 2!

Our timetable system is coming up to 2 years old! It all started on the 16th of July 2017 when our in-house developer, Dharmesh, got started on a huge project that over the months has become a more and more valued tool for the entirety of the Cypher team. Take a look at how it’s adapted and changed over the months…

When we started this project, the goal was to create a networked timetable to display on digital screens which could also be remotely accessed and changed. When you’re at a large event, it’s inevitable that sessions will change, rooms will move, so our concept was to make the changes as streamlined as possible, while also eliminating the need to manually go around and update each screen accordingly. This flexibility is a big part of what makes our bespoke timetable system so special.

Version 2 & 3 of this system brought in our video feature. We added extra functionality in both the back-end and front-end to manage the videos, along with a start time feature. This also came with session highlighting so delegates/clients know where and when they’re supposed to be in session. The videos can be put in when given a start and end time & they'll loop until they reach the end time. The system also stores other videos that have been used in the past allowing ease of access to a library of videos. 



In with versions 4 & 5 there were significant cosmetic changes along with the crew timetable that was recently added in. The crew timetable update is a big thing for us, as it allows everyone on the crew to see where they are at the click of a button. This removes the awkwardness of asking around and wasting time. To use the crew schedule, all the crew and location data is inputted into the back end of the system, and we can then use dropdown menus to assign rooms/areas to the crew. You can also leave a note for any extra kit they may need in the room they're occupying. If you’d like to read more about the recent POD updates you can take a look at one of our previous articles explaining them

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