CFO Forum, Nice

CFO Forum, Nice

Recently we provided full AV support a global CFO Forum being held in Nice, France. Take a look at what we got up to during this event.

 Main Room

For the CFO Forum, the main room boasts a 21m wide by 4.5m tall branded set with two 12000 lumen front projection screens that can be used to show graphics, videos, presentations and interactive content. The image below is a 3D model created in preparation for the event.

CFO Forum 2022 sketchup

Breakout Rooms

Due to this being a relatively small event, breakout rooms weren't in need of much kit due to group sizes. We provided powered speakers, slide advancers and a general technician to assist where needed. 

The Cypher POD System

The Cypher POD System has now been a vital part of our workflow for over 6 years now. It makes creating digital signage/schedules for plasma screens quick and easy. This saves the need to manually update digital one-by-one as the entire system is updated from a central interface in real-time. For this event, we used it to display welcome messages, app download QR codes, upcoming sessions and event sponsor information.

General areas

Due to this being a relatively small event, not much was needed for any general areas. We provided a portable PA system to allow for music to be played whilst delegates were enjoying their cocktails, which included a wireless microphone for speeches.