Catalan Conference

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In early November 2010 we worked in Barcelona, so here's a Spanish joke.

Hay tres clases de personas:
There are three kinds of people:
las que saben contar y las que no.
those who know how to count, and those who don't.

But seriously, we were in Catalonia to stage PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Tax Symposium Europe: 2010 - The Forum for Tax Directors - Tax in a world of change - what's on your agenda?. The venue was the new Hotel W.  Attendees had registered in advance using an online registration site - designed and produced by us.

We were keen to reflect the ultra modern design of the building, which uses lighting to create impressive effects. So Brian devised a set that featured internally lit columns with moving head lights and a variety of gobos. This meant we could project animated lighting effects inside the columns. In addition, the lecterns had plasma screens built into the front panel, which could show abstract patterns or text generated out of PowerPoint.

We supplied a full AV solution for Plenary and Workshop sessions - set, stage, lighting, sound, projection, graphics, banners, signage and video - live and recorded.  Using our Final Cut Pro portable edit suite onsite, Chris Reddall created opening, incidental and closing videos.

We were delighted to receive the many positive comments about the look and feel of the whole event.