Bespoke Animation Series for an International Client

Bespoke Animation Series for an International Client

Cypher Media's in-house video editor & animator, Stuart, has been busy the past few weeks working on some animations for one of our clients to use internally. Take a look at what goes into this process..

The client's brief was unique for a pair of animations; the first animation required us to delve into an already created project. They supplied us with the project files and asked if we could work with the existing assets and rework the concept so that it was more cohesive and on message. We had to recreate certain elements as they were missing or incomplete. We managed to use the work that had already been done to create a finished video that delivered the clients messaging while staying on brand.

The second was the next video in the same series but this time we were asked to create the video from scratch. We worked up a concept based on the client's brief and the messaging they wanted to convey. The client loved our idea and we got to work. Firstly we created characters and settings that were on brand and in keeping with the style from the first video. We used Adobe Illustrator to create all the assets for this animation. As our characters needed to be animated we had to create all the body parts such as arms, legs, body and head etc separately so that we could manipulate them later, we even had to consider the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. Once this stage was completed we imported the files as vectors into Adobe After Effects. Importing from Illustrator as a vector means that as we resized elements or move in for close ups there is no quality drop and all the graphics stay crisp and clear. Next we needed to start rigging the characters, this meant linking hands to forearms, feet to legs and making sure everything is in the right place. This way when we moved a character or animated an arm movement for example, nothing got left behind or moved where it shouldn't.

We storyboarded all the shots for this ahead of time so each scene was animated, framed up and then exported before being imported into Final Cut Pro where the edit could be assembled and music and voice overs also added.

If you have any video editing or animation needs, please don't hesitate to drop us an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our skilled editors are able to assist with a wide range of animation styles and techniques to cater to what you're looking for. We have tonnes of experience working with simple motion graphics, right the way through to 3D animation.