A time of change!

A time of change!

It’s been a long time coming but we’re pleased to announce Cypher HQ is relocating! It’s been months in the making but with a stroke of luck, we’ve found a local office which we were able to move in to and make our own! Take a look at how this will positively affect us for the future...

A problem with our older office was the fact that we were not on the ground floor, which made job preparation tough and there wasn’t a loading bay, so cases had to be carried down a flight of stairs and then wheeled to a nearby car park. We sure won’t be taking the ground floor loading and easy access for granted!

The whole Cypher team have been extremely busy building this office into something great over the last few weeks, also Adrian has been showing off his DIY skills by clearing out a bathroom that is to be used as our new kitchen. With security installation, including cameras and alarms, building all the brand-new furniture and cleaning up – we haven’t had much breathing space recently! The time has almost come for us to move completely, our internet has recently been installed along with the clean branding on the front of our building, so it’s just the phone system to go!

We've changed our internet to a fibre leased line, as opposed to having broadband in the previous office; the leased line directly connects two locations, being our office and our provider's data centre, meaning we get faster upload/download speeds. This will be beneficial to our work and clients as we'll be able to upload and send files quicker. 

Whilst we loved working in the town centre, the looming lease end gave us the push we needed to finally think about moving – and all the crew were also on-board. The office was drawn using SketchUp weeks before any decision was made, just to ensure the office had sufficient space to hold our array of kit and flight cases.