A challenge in Budapest!

A challenge in Budapest!

In October, we provided a full AV solution for PricewaterhouseCoopers' Global Transfer Pricing Conference 2010 - The Winds of Change.  This was held over a five day period at the Corinthia Grand Hotel, Budapest.  Attendees registered via the registration website we created a few months earlier.

Apart from the toxic sludge spill, our first challenge was to get the equipment into the hotel! Budapest does not allow large, articulated lorries into the city, so we had to cross load everything onto smaller vehicles and then drive to the venue.  A height restriction meant  that we had to design the set using a maximum of three metre high panels - these were joined together in the main room to create the full height backdrop.  

A crew of 20 rigged and operated set, stage, lighting, sound, projection, graphics and video. In addition, we supplied technical equipment and support to a total of 154 workshops and other meetings, held outside of the main room.  

Using our three Sony XDCAM HD cameras we recorded the plenary sessions and workshops, as well as transmitting live video to the screens.  Opening and closing videos were also edited on site. Those who were not able to attend are able to view the whole conference on the web, where audio and video is being streamed alongside relevant PowerPoint slides.

Hungarian is one of the most difficult languages in the world but we did learn to say "köszönöm" (thank you!).  A great experience and a successful project.