A night at the museum

Written on Thursday, 19 October 2017

On Wednesday 11th of October we provided A/V support for a gala night at the beautiful Natural History Museum.

Guests arrived by coach from the Global Transfer Pricing Conference that was being held at the Hilton Metropolitan Hotel in Edgware.

On arrival guests were given a drink and then led straight through to dinner to music from a string duo. Dinner was set for 800 delegates in Hintze Hall and Fossil Way and the after party was held in North Hall.

Working with approved venue partners we lit the entrance to the museum in brand colours and provided lighting and sound throughout all of the spaces being used for the evening. Client logos were also projected onto the wall above the main staircase in Hintze Hall and onto the wall at the end of Fossil Way. The newly installed blue whale was also lit in complementary colours.

Although the after party went on until midnight we managed not to wake any of the exhibits.

What is colour grading and correction?

Written on Thursday, 05 October 2017

Colour grading and correction

“Colour grading is the process of altering and enhancing the colour of a motion picture, video image, or still image electronically, photo-chemically or digitally.”

Colour grading is usually associated with picture and video editing and we often use it in our projects here at Cypher Media to give our videos a cinematic look or in order to change the atmosphere. Often we will shoot our videos using Sony S-log3, which captures a lot more detail in the image which increases flexibility when grading.

Some of our monitors, such as our Blackmagic 4K video assist has some pre-set colour grades (known as LUTs) loaded into the memory so that we can see in real time what the image might look like in post-production.

Colour grading should not be mixed up with colour correction. Although they can be used interchangeably, they still refer to different processes or editing colour in media. Colour correction usually comes first as raw footage/images tent to be over or under saturated and need balancing out. Colour correction would then balance the colours out so they look as the human eye would see.

A good example of how we used colour correction and grading recently was when we had to pull out some old footage of London from our archives for an upcoming project. The sky was dull and washed out, and the shots had actually been shot with a ‘warm’ look. We wanted to restore the shots and see what we could do with the sky.

Here is an example of how Chris used the above techniques to bring new life to the video.


Why do You Need Video Production?

Written on Thursday, 28 September 2017

Why do you need video production? The proof is in the pudding.

Statistics show that people are over 64% more likely to invest in your product or service if there is a video, they’re also likely to spend an extra two minutes on your website.

As of now, 55% of people watch videos online every day and by the end of 2017 online video will account for 74% of ALL online traffic; why not get a head start?

We’ve all heard the saying that ‘a picture tells a thousand words’; so how much could a 30-second video get across to potential clients? Technically 750,000 words if the video is running at 25p ;)

Corporate videos, if approached correctly, can show off your business’ personality a lot better than other types of content. Whether it is animated video, motion graphics or a professionally shot video, they all have their own perks to pushing messages across.

Videos are extremely versatile, if you make a company-specific video not only can it go on your website, you can send it along with promotional emails, relevant blogs and social media ads. Statistics also show that sending videos along with emails can also increase the click-through rate by 96%.

Contact us if you’d like to enquire about hiring us for a video service. We provide animated videos, motion graphics and all kinds of corporate video production services.

Animation and Motion Graphics

Written on Thursday, 21 September 2017

We have been producing a lot of motion graphics for our clients recently.

But why are they so popular?

Motion graphics give the illusion of rotation or movement to traditional still images. The use of motion graphics in corporate video is ever-increasing due to the simplicity and effectiveness of it. These types of video are perfect when you have little text but want to use icons, or graphics to convey a story. We often refer to these as infographics. They also make a lasting impression whilst keeping the audience engaged.

They can be developed to comply with your brand guidelines using your corporate colours, fonts and style.

Our go-to software for this would be Final Cut Pro X; by using Final Cut we’re able to utilise a vast array of plugins to make the creation of the graphics less time-consuming and more cost-effective whilst keeping the same high quality.

Have a look at something we recently created for a conference opening video for one of our clients: 

Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to enquire about hiring us for a video service. We provide animated videos, motion graphics, corporate video production services and much more.

Cypher's Upcoming Events

Written on Thursday, 14 September 2017

As the year comes to an end, we do not. With 3 conferences until the Christmas break, we’ve got to keep on our toes here at Cypher Media.

First up we have a Global Transfer Pricing Conference that will be held in London at the Hilton Metopole; The Hilton Metropole meeting space has a capacity of 3000 delegates, along with 42 meeting rooms and 4,300 sq. meters of flexible space. There will be a crew of 25 working across all 6 days of the conference.

Next up we have the final Global Tax Symposium of the year which is being held at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel. This hotel has the largest and most modern meeting facilities of any luxury 5* hotel in Europe, with 28 meeting rooms and breakout areas.

Finally to end the year we have the last International Tax Academy of 2017. This will take place at the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel & Conference Center which also has excellent meeting space. The Madrid Marriott has 56 event rooms and a maximum of 56 breakout rooms with the capacity of the largest event space being 2000.

Registration Website Clips

Written on Thursday, 07 September 2017

We’re currently preparing to travel to Amsterdam and gather footage to be used in a promotional set of clips for the Global Tax Symposium at the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria in November.We’ll be filming at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. The shooting will span across two days and the videos are going to be used on the registration website as promotional content. This means that before delegates register for the symposium they can watch clips of the sessions to decide which sessions they would like to attend.

We’ll be filming at the Hilton Amsterdam Airport, Schiphol. The shooting will span across two days and the videos are going to be used on the registration website as promotional content. This means that before delegates register for the symposium they can watch clips of the sessions to decide which sessions they would like to attend.We’ll be filming in 4K on our Sony FS7 with our Samyang prime lenses and set of LED lights for ease of portability.

We’ll be filming in 4K on our Sony FS7 with our Samyang prime lenses and set of LED lights for ease of portability.There’s also lots coming up in the next month or two including jobs at the Hilton London Metropole, the Rome Cavalieri Waldorf

The Benefits of S-Log

Written on Thursday, 31 August 2017

High Dynamic Range content gives us the ability to show almost as much detail as the naked eye sees in real life. We use 4k cameras and lenses to capture as many small details as possible for the highest quality end production. To produce a video in HDR, we use something called S-Log. S-Log allows us to balance the lighting in shots when conditions are poor allowing us to have more detail in the darker parts of the screen, such as shadows. It was originally only built into extremely high-end cameras but in the recent years it has been implemented on less expensive corporate cameras. 

All of our cameras are HD compatible, in fact most of them even have 4k resolution capabilities. For example, our Sony PXW-FS7's sensor incorporates 11.6 million total pixels and 8.8 million effective pixels to deliver full 4K resolution. Even when delivering in HD, our recordings capture detail and image texture that HD sensors cannot see.

To play back HDR you must have compatible hardware as many TVs and monitors do not have the capability of playing it. However, many are turning to HDR due to the fact that it opens up visual possibilities that SDR video simply cannot offer, like the vibrant colours, dazzling lighting and incredible detail. 

We have a very competitive price and can offer multiple variations of cameras and services. If you would be interested please feel free to contact us here.

Voting and Audience Interaction

Written on Thursday, 24 August 2017

We’ve recently invested in some brand new polling software for our reply plus handsets. This new software allows us to instantly create polls for our delegates to vote in. Some other features also include the ability to do Q&A’s via the handsets, question slides and even question related games where teams can be set.

We have 500 reply plus handsets along with 5 base stations so we’re never short of equipment. We recently used this new software for a conference at Sopwell House just outside of London. By installing it and then inserting a USB into the desktop or laptop it gives us remote access over all of the handsets.

We feel that this new software should definitely be taken advantage of on upcoming events as it is great for team building activities and Q&A sessions within conferences. If you'd wish to use our voting software at your next conference please feel free to contact us.

The Importance Of Post Production Editing

Written on Thursday, 17 August 2017

When it comes to making bespoke videos, editing is quite rightly an essential factor. Post production editing sets the scene and allows the clips to come together to make an interesting story. In many cases a script is given to one of our editors on how the client would like the video to be produced, and it is then in the editors hands to create a video that sets the scene and flows, whilst taking into account the requirements of the project.

We do lots of editing work here at Cypher. Sometimes it is footage we’ve recorded such as conferences, interviews and scripted training videos, etc. We also deal with footage filmed by our clients from around the world, and cut it all together here in the UK. We tend to make a first cut and add a timestamp to the video as reference point before uploading it to our secure file sharing service. The link is then sent to the client and we can work remotely via email or phone call they are happy with the outcome.

As of now we’re finishing off over 30 interviews filmed recently in Paris and a creating a a teaser video for one of our clients to introduce an event in Tokyo, Japan.

PAT Prep

Written on Tuesday, 08 August 2017

Here at Cypher HQ we’re preparing for this year’s PAT test. A PAT test is short for Portable Appliance Test, which means all of our equipment will be reviewed to ensure it is safe enough to work with. It gives us a good opportunity to check all of our gear and go over what we have.

A PAT test is carried out by a specialist performing tests on a variety of appliances using PAT testers which determine if the piece of equipment has passed or failed. Many factors alter the final decision including earth continuity, lead polarity and insulation resistance.

By doing regular PAT tests it helps ensure all portable appliances at Cypher HQ are within the safety guidelines, while avoiding safety violations. Some clients also require proof and confirmation of our PAT pass records in order to work on a job.