What Should You Avoid Wearing On Camera?

We all know that you shouldn’t wear green if you’re shooting a green screen shot, but what else should you avoid wearing?

Stripes and intricate patterns are almost always a big no-no when it comes to shooting video. This is because they create an optical effect called a ‘Moiré Pattern’ which can be very distracting on a video as it will seem like the pattern is flaring or strobing.


You should avoid wearing glasses if possible; this is simply to stop the studio lights from glaring on your glasses and causing problems for the camera.

Intricate jewellery should be given a miss; this is due to jewellery having a bad habit of sparkling when lit up, which can be quite the distraction. The same rule applies to any jewellery that jangles, picking this up from the tie clip microphones wouldn’t be ideal for the final cut.

Enough of telling what you shouldn’t wear, onto what you should! For men, your best bet is a blue or dark blue, grey or brown suit with solid coloured clothes that aren’t too vivid. For women, you should wear long sleeves, as if you’re wearing makeup and have bare arms the colour contrast will draw the viewers attention away from your face.